Imran Compares MQM to Nazis


Imran Khan, Leader to Tehrik-e-Insaf, compared Muttehida Qumi Movement and its leader Altaf Hussain, to the Nazi Party of Pre World War 2 Germany and its leader Adolf Hitler


Yesterday in Lahore, speaking to a press conference, Imran Khan blamed the government for ignoring the need for aduqate security measures, when such concerns had been raised a day prior to the event.

Imran Khan also said that Tehreek-e-Insaf was currently consulting lawyers to lodge an FIR against President Pervaiz Musharraf and Altaf Hussain. He also expressed his wish in suing British Prime Minister Tony Blair for harbouring a criminal rather than bringing him to justice.


4 Responses to “Imran Compares MQM to Nazis”

  1. habibak Says:

    Eek!! Strong statements for Imran to make

  2. Zubair Says:

    True, but is he wrong in saying so. no one living in karachi can deny the fanatical workings of MQM. may 12th is an excelent example

  3. habibak Says:

    nah, i don’t feel that he is wrong — I’m just surprised by his word choice

  4. Zubair Says:

    well i believe thts the problem. none of us are willing to make a strong stand. speaking as a citizen of Karachi, i can say so for myself that even i am used to it and most of the times i just shurg events like robberies or gang violence as if they are a day to day thing.

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