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When will android make an entrance?

Saturday 6 March 2010

Its been over a year since google launched its operating system, but it still has to come to Pakistan. Yes the G1 was in our market a week later, but not much after that. And the only set officially selling is the samsung corby. My question is, when are the Nexus One and Moto Droid going to show up. According to the living in pakistan blog, Motorola plans to launch the droid in Feb 2010, but feb is gone and still no sign of it.


Google Navigation in Pakistan

Tuesday 9 February 2010

Google maps routing recently got enabled in Pakistan. Though a bit shaky it basically does the job well enough. The question remains though. When will google navigation make an appereance? Rumors are that Droid will be officially launched in Pakistan during feb. Is that a sign or mearly by chance. Time will tell.