Mohd Ali and Dohraji

Sunday 13 May 2007 by

A few shops are open at the moment. Dohra-ji and Mohd Ali Society was open till 12:30 PM don’t know after that. Shara-e-Faisal was also ok in the morning but predictions about city conditions after namaz-e-janaza at 1:30 PM aprox are doubtful. After yesterday’s mayhem, it seems almost nice.


Join Us

Sunday 13 May 2007 by

I made this blog so that there is more information available about the current situation about Pakistani news and it is not filtered. I want this to be an open site. If you have an account on wordpress send it to me with your details as to where you live and all and inshallah you will be added as a user so that you can post your own blog entries.