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Our Moral Moto

Sunday 21 March 2010



As a nation which is extremely energetic, repressed, and clever; you see some extremely ridiculous ‘Naras’ or campaigns which play around with human emotions. You see such things around alot, but i recently came across two such cases which made me laugh at our present and then cry at our future.

The first is a video on you can see above. Its a shame this man hasn’t been publically flogged for this.

Then you have the new campaign by the people selling us used computers. I agree that it brings down the immediate cost, but we get all the waste of developed nations, plus we get systems that are not energy efficient. When will this nation rise up? Will it be a movement or a rebellion? These things keep me up at night


When will android make an entrance?

Saturday 6 March 2010

Its been over a year since google launched its operating system, but it still has to come to Pakistan. Yes the G1 was in our market a week later, but not much after that. And the only set officially selling is the samsung corby. My question is, when are the Nexus One and Moto Droid going to show up. According to the living in pakistan blog, Motorola plans to launch the droid in Feb 2010, but feb is gone and still no sign of it.

Google Maps Makes An Appearance in Pakistan

Tuesday 7 April 2009

Tech fans have been using their GPS phones for amusement for quite sometime now, and are now a bit bored. But now they can relive their initial excitement again. Google earth recently released street maps of many major cities in Pakistan (Including Multan, Peshawar, Hyderabad, etc) along with all the highways as far as i can tell. Though they are still not available on Google Maps (the website, they are available on mobile) and thus can not be used for route calculations, they are very detailed (listing bus stops, etc) even if a bit inaccurate and incomplete (Names of at least one place wrong and a few new roads missing in Karachi). But as a geek in Karachi, i want to say my `Topi` off to Google for doing this. on a side note i would like to mention that another group ( was doing the same thing about a year ago and last i heard were done with Islamabad wit most of Lahore and Karachi complete, they kind of disappeared in the mist. Anyhow, as long as the job gets done, i cant complain.