Imran Khan ‘Thanks’ MQM


In a news conference, while replying to the statement by MQM that legal action will be taken against Imran Khan for accusing the party for various crimes, Imran thanked MQM for taking legal action and not threatening him with a body bag.


One Response to “Imran Khan ‘Thanks’ MQM”

  1. Zurkah Says:

    One silver lining amid dark clouds circling Pakistan is the outstanding characteristic of Oxford educated Imran Khan who leads the moderate youth across Pakistan. He is untiringly spirited to raise his voice for justice. As denial and delay of justice hits many circles in Pakistan, many at home and abroad find it appropriate to join hands for a common cause. One such cause that Imran Khan has taken up is to call for investigating in to causes and consequences that led to tragic loss of 40 lives in Karachi on 12 May, 2007. Instead of supporting elements like Imran Khan to become the voice of the voiceless, President Musharraf and his coalition partners have unleashed unreserved criticism against the principled stand of this national hero and international sports icon.

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