Karachi Chaos Pictures


Chaos of May 12th 2007

Photo Taken From Karachi MetBlog 

KARACHI – May 11: Paramilitary personnel stand guard near the Quaid-i-Azam International Airport on Friday.—AFP

KARACHI – May 13: Some of the shops set on fire on the second day of violence in the city.—AFP

KARACHI – May 13: The father of a man killed in a Saturday gun battle mourns the death of his son with his grandsons on Sunday.—AP

KARACHI – May 13: Paramilitary soldiers arrive at a market after angry mobs set ablaze shops near Water Pump intersection on Sunday.—Online

The battleground: Sharea Faisal.—AFP

KARACHI – May 12: A policeman passes by burning vehicles during clashes between government and oppositions supporters.—AFP

KARACHI – May 12: The Sindh High Court, the venue of Saturday’s lawyers’ gathering, looks deserted. Chief Justice Iftikhar Mohammad Chaudhry was scheduled to address the bar.—Photo by Fahim Siddiqui

KARACHI – May 12: Some people injured by gunfire lie along the kerb on the Sharea Faisal flyover.—Faysal Mujeeb

KARACHI – May 12: Violent activists destroy cars and public transport on Saturday. — AP

KARACHI – May 12: A stranded passenger takes a nap at the airport’s lounge on Saturday. — Dawn

ISLAMABAD – May 12: Muttahida Majlis-i-Amal and its student wing activists burn poster of President Musharraf in Blue Area in Islamabad on Saturday protesting the Karachi violence.—Dawn

Photos Taken From http://www.dawn.com Please go there for more information.


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